About Pam

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My Specialties are helping you:


Heal your relationships with yourself & others.

Heal past trauma that still affects you now*

How to make the best choices when faced with a decision.

How to understand your personal relationship to God & the Universe.

How to develop your unique intuition.

*If you are in an unsafe environment, please reach out to your local emergency help.

My Story


I’m known as the wise Nanna, and I honor the difficult journey I took to get here. Perhaps my trek through darkness and all the times I felt alone helped fuel my passion for offering you a space to feel comfortable to Ask Nanna© for coaching around tough issues.


I've spent over 35 years learning many different modalities, both spiritual and therapeutic (social work, night dream interpretation, hypnotherapy, Laws of the Universe, empowerment coaching and my gift at birth, clairvoyance (psychic medium).


I can help you regain who you really are underneath all the trauma, frustration, or relationship issues that pull you away from your brilliance.