$99 + HST

Private, one-on-one Zoom sessions. If you're looking for some level of peace after loss, trauma or a major life transition – or you need insight and direction in family, work, and relationships, a session with Pam can offer answers.


Sessions are 40 mins on Zoom. A Zoom link will be sent about 5 - 8 mins before your scheduled time. For privacy reasons, it's best that you are alone in the room unless there is an explicit confirmation from you that the other person can listen in. 

Pam records the session , and you will be emailed the audio within two business days.

The best way to prepare is to hold an intention of what you need. Focus on your intention and trust your soul that Spirit will give the answers you need. Over all these years of serving, I can tell you that you will always get what you need.


$30 + HST

Group Parties. Fun girls night out, celebrations or other special events. This would be organized by you, between 5 - 20 people, each getting a 10 min reading (lots can be read in 10 mins.) Travel time is extra, depending on how far the location from Burlington, On. 

$20 + HST

Galley Style Events. These events can be via Zoom or in-person. Not everyone is guaranteed a message, but depending on the size and length of time for of the event, it may be possible. 

To save time on calls and visits, let me explain how Spirit works with me. I go into meditation before our call and ask for specific guidance for you and anyone that can come in to help. I am trained and experienced in keeping negative energies out. Once we begin, I don't need to ask questions, but if I do, please answer with a yes, no, or maybe and refrain from adding further information. It's natural for most of us to want to offer an explanation. However, the way I work with Spirit takes me into a slightly altered state. If I have to analyze your answer with my conscious mind, it has the potential of interfering with Spirit's guidance.

If you need further coaching on difficult issues, we can schedule coaching sessions.


$149/hour + HST (Discount for a package of 3 or more sessions available)

Afterpay by Square available for coaching package of 3 or more.

I'm confident I can get to your deeper issue(s) and help you begin to find resolution and release. I am trained and experienced in multiple modalities, including social work, releasing trauma, hypnotherapy, dream work, and understanding the laws of the universe. Reach out to me to chat if you can relate to one or more of the following scenarios, and we can figure out your next best move.

You usually end up with toxic people around you. Your partner doesn't treat you right. Your mom is not being supportive & you feel let down by them.


You feel anxious, overwhelmed, and can't seem to trust yourself. You don't stand up for yourself. These are only a few symptoms of unresolved issues from your past.

It’s time to make a decision about something important, and you keep going in circles, you put it off or you feel you can’t trust your choice.

You feel a shift in your understanding of God and the universe. The way you used to relate isn't making sense anymore. You're not clear on which way to turn because you still believe.

You often say things like, "I didn’t see that coming!" or "I knew it; why didn’t I listen?"

You know you have intuitive abilities, but you tend to confuse ego-mind with intuition, then I can not only help you, but I've experienced these things myself, so I know what it feels like. 

Payments are available through Square, PayPal, e-transfer, or cash (in-person)



What Others are Saying

"Many thanks to you Pam for your comfortable coaching style in helping me tremendously in dealing with my relationship/life issues. You are a compassionate professional and I thank you also for showing me how to gently release a long-held trauma. It worked!" 

Rachelle, Oakville, Ontario

"I am so grateful you're our teacher especially since this is my first course into intuition. You are a very experienced and truly a teacher from a higher place!" Love, Angela

Angela Borgeest, Intuition Workshop participant

"I was a non-believer but Pam made me jump out of my chair!"

Group gallery style messages

"Pam was easy to work with, and best of all, her coaching was effective. Within a few days, I noticed a significant release in the trauma that kept me from moving forward. I would definitely recommend her. Do yourself a favor and book in!"

Tina Santarelli, Social Service Worker

"She is a compassionate coach and she listens deeply to her client's needs. She is also very passionate about what she does which makes her excellent at her work. Her listening skills and articulating questions act as a GPS in our session. I highly respect her dedication and generosity." 

Iris He,

"When I first saw you serving at the Church, I knew you were genuine because there was a blue light emanating from your head."

Medium at Britten Memorial Church