• Pam Del Franco aka ASK NANNA

Here's a little about me.

I have lived a full, but often difficult life. Thankfully, those dark days are behind me.

I've been blessed with four beautiful grandchildren, who are now in their teens.

These days, I’m known as the wise Nanna, and I honor that difficult journey I took to get here. Perhaps my trek through darkness and all those times I felt alone helped fuel my passion for letting you know you're not alone, there is help.

Sometimes just a few words can shift your mindset. Let me do that for you. I'm freely offering you my experience, educational training, and the gift of clairvoyance to answer your most pressing question.

I want you to feel comfortable to Ask Nanna for advice, so you can open your heart to the healing that's possible for you.

I've spent over 35 years learning many different modalities for emotional and spiritual healing. Social work, dream interpretation, hypnotherapy, Laws of the Universe, empowerment coaching, trauma release, and my gift at birth, clairvoyance (psychic medium) to name a few.

I can help you begin to understand who you really are underneath all the trauma, frustration, or relationship issues that pull you away from your brilliance.

Pam Del Franco, S.S.W., Master Empowerment Coach,

Gentle Trauma Release(c) Practitioner*, Author & Psychic Medium

*graduating summer 2021