• Pam Del Franco aka ASK NANNA

Are love & admiration the same as gratitude?

It was 4:45 AM when I pressed the button for the coffee machine while my fluffy Molly arched at my legs, knowing her charm gets breakfast.

My light pajamas were enough for the warm, sweet patio air. I thought about recording the multitude of birds singing and decided against technology. These moments were for savoring. The pre-dawn grey clouds barely moved enough to see the remainder of hidden stars, and I loved them as much as the white cotton ball ones.

Molly kept an eye on the squirrels while I set my half finished coffee down, leaned back in the chaise and wrapped my arms around a pillow. I felt peaceful and words like, love, beauty, nature and universe floated through my mind.

Later, while walking around my tree lined neighborhood, I wondered why I didn’t say “thank you” or “I’m grateful” earlier.

All I could do was walk, muse and appreciate where I was and who I am.

Perhaps that’s gratitude in motion.

#gratitude #grateful #gratitudeinmotion #morningmusings #morningcoffee #loveandgratitude

#gratitudeinmotion #morningcoffee #gratitude #loveandgratitude #grateful #morningmusings