• Pam Del Franco aka ASK NANNA

Four other ways to help you love yourself more.

1. Stay connected to the world around you.

Going within for contemplation is one thing, but when you want to disengage from others in an attempt to avoid what you’re going through, it’s quite another.

Perhaps you feel like I sometimes do,

“I’m better off alone while I sort this out,” but that can be a way of saying,

“I’m not worth someone else’s time and attention.”

We all crave some form of recognition because we are social beings at our core. Even if you can’t face being with someone in person right now, watching them online, or reading a book about other women going through similar experiences, can help you understand how healing connecting with another person can be.

2. Being authentic in your interactions with others.

Being authentic doesn’t have to mean you “tell-all” or have to speak with “no holding back.” It means that you’re expressing from that place where you can talk, write, or create art, music or movement that lets you express what you’re feeling, then you’re less likely to feel the need to defend yourself – because authenticity stems from your truth. Just like writing this article comes from my perspective, you’ll form your own as you read it and that will be part of your reality.

3. Being honest with yourself and others.

Honesty is different from being authentic. When you tell a friend the outfit makes her butt look big, knowing it will hurt her, isn’t the same as being genuine and gently suggesting another outfit may look more beautiful, or another color might work better.

You’re still expressing your honest opinion while remaining true to yourself.

4. Honoring your feelings at all times.

It’s easy to dismiss what we’re feeling as not necessary because, like I do at times, I think someone else is worse off than me, so why should I complain.

When I notice that I’m beginning to do this, I make an effort to recognize that, regardless of how they compare to others, my feelings deserve my full, unwavering attention.

I make a few quick notes in my journal or I dictate it so that I have a reminder to revisit those feelings before they fester too long.

If you can do that, you’ll notice that they have waited patiently to be admired for what they are – a part of you.

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#selflove #authentic #simplywomanmagazine #consciousness #honesty #connected #Coachingforwomen #nannaadvice #womensempowerment