• Pam Del Franco aka ASK NANNA

Love Notes to My Negative Attitude

Love Note 1: You are loved.

You show me that life can’t always be rainbows and lollipops if I want to continue growing, and that I need you to help me recognize my own truth; for that, you are loved.

Love Note 2: You are needed.

I need you to keep rising to the surface; leave the cave of darkness within my psyche and let me see you, hear you, feel you so I can work with you hand in hand for my personal evolution.

Love Note 3: You are my greatest lessons.

You wrap your lessons in darkness, in the negativity that I try not to show, but I know from my experience with you, that underneath that you are my greatest teacher.  


Love Note 4: You are part of me.

You’re not one to be discarded like an old dish cloth, you have more respect for yourself than that. I know you will make yourself known in some way, shape or form, regardless of whether I consciously let that happen or not. I can’t help but respect your tenacity.

Love Note 5: You will always be part of me.

I love the fierceness of which you stay with me whether I acknowledge your presence or not. Abandonment is not in your vocabulary.

Sometimes I run towards you, sometimes away from you. In those moments that I run towards you, it becomes clear what your message is.

You offer me the choice to focus on my lack of understanding of what your gift is to me, or on your love in its various expressions; deep, visceral and unending.

If I accept you as love, it won’t be necessary for me to judge how you love, only to be in the experience itself.

You offer me your darker impulses and are willing to sacrifice having a good name for my sake. And for that, I love you.

#darksideofpsyche #growth #acceptance #youareloved #youareneeded #youarepartofme

#growth #acceptance #youareneeded #darksideofpsyche #youareloved #youarepartofme