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Need help formulating your question?

You can Ask Nanna in any way that feels right for you. If you need help formulating your thoughts, I've created a few examples where you can just add your context.


  • Why do I feel anxious when...?

  • The bad things I experienced are in the past, so why can't I just forget about it and move on?

  • How do I begin healing my past trauma when it's too painful to talk about?

  • I left my abusive partner and I'm on my own with my kids. How do I trust the next guy?

  • I'm loyal, so why do I attract unfaithful partners?

  • How am I supposed to forgive my mother when she was the one who...?

  • I had such a vivid dream last night. What does it mean?

  • I feel I'm pretty intuitive, but how can I further develop my spiritual gift?

  • Sometimes I make a decision and then worry it's the wrong one so I change my mind again. How do I know it's the right choice for me?