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A snippet of my long journey from constantly feeling fear
to knowing I'm blessed

Since birth, I have had the gift of seeing and speaking to those who have passed. For several decades, it was an unpleasant reminder that I was different and that my childhood fears of monsters under the bed were well-founded. 
For most of my childhood and into my early teens, I walked around scared because I felt the presence of shadow people. It took my father's death in 1986 to realize that I had still been talking to him as if he were here. That prompted me to explore what was happening to me. 
But it wasn't until my early 40s that I discovered what my heart always knew. One of my hypnotherapy clients told me he knew I was a medium, and hearing that immediately caused anxiety. For the next few weeks, my chest ached, I couldn't breathe properly, and I refused to use the word 'medium' to describe myself. I didn't connect the anxiety to mediumship.
A small psychic fair came to town, and I wanted answers. I remember it like it was yesterday. I scanned the room, waiting for an energetic connection. An older woman passed by, and she seemed upset. As I brushed close to her, a message from her husband came in. I sat down and told her, and tears came to her eyes. I didn't know I was doing anything out of the ordinary.
I found the medium I wanted and sat down in front of her. I was still upset from the anxious feeling and showed her little patience. She was kind and patient and just smiled at me. I asked her why I had been feeling so anxious for weeks. She smiled gently and said, "because you're a medium, it's time to stop playing and take responsibility." I immediately fell apart, sobbing, my whole body shaking. I had finally heard the truth. I immediately remembered being told by a medium at Lilydale back in 1986 that I was a medium. I didn’t believe her for a minute. Years later, I played with the idea but still didn’t accept its power. It took quite a few years before I could bring myself to read publicly, but now, 25+ years later, I serve Spirit with wisdom and integrity. I served as a guest medium at Lilydale, a place close to my heart and, unknowingly to me, the beginning of my journey. 
Let me give you the messages and insights that help you heal your heart and with professional, experienced coaching, help transform issues you're facing in your life.

In 1994 I graduated college for Social Services and since then, have studied many disciplines and received multiple certificates, including Certified Hypnotherapist, studied the Laws of the Universe, the Tao and much more over the last 30 years. I'm an advocate for women's abuse issues having lived for years with mental, emotional and physical abuse in my 20s and 30s. I see you, I hear you and I was you. Let me help you get back to who you are at your core. 

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Pam also recently wrote short, rhyming stories for small children, which were all based on her love of silly rhymes she made up to teach her grandchildren life lessons. 
Fun, short rhyming story books by Pam (Nanna) teach young children joy, love, and acceptance. Available on Amazon!

2 stories in one book! 
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